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MBA 551 – LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENTA 551 –An essential aspect of management is coordinating the activities of people and guiding their efforts towards the goals and objectives of the organization. This entails the process of leadership and management. Hence, integrating the principles of management and the concept of leadership, this course orients students on the nature of leadership influence and the factors which determine the relationship with other people and the effectiveness of the leadership relationship. The goal of the course is to orient and equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in effectively deploying the function leading as managers. MBA 553 – PROJECT MANAGEMENT: CONCEPTS AND PRACTICES This subject provides the skills and knowledge required to plan, manage and close projects that achieve the goals and objectives on time, within cost and to the quality required, regardless of the line of business or industry. Topics covered include project lifecycle; scope management and work breakdown structure; project scheduling using the critical chain approach; project resourcing; project control: managing project quality; planning and managing project risks; performance measurement and managing project teams. MBA 552 – CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: CONCEPTS & PRACTICES Corporate governance deals with the complex set of relationships between the corporation and its board of directors, management, shareholders, and other stakeholders. The aim of this module is to develop the student’s awareness and understanding of a range of current ethical and governance issues in relation to business. This course addresses corporate governance as a key part of the pursuit of proper and efficient practice in the administration of business entities. This course examines various contemporary aspects of corporate governance, including issues relating to responsibility, accountability, sustainability, oversight, risk, ethics and incentives. MBA 555 – STRATEGIC OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT The aim of this subject is to provide in-depth knowledge of issues critical for the efficient and effective operation of Organizations. Topics covered include the concept of operations and process management; network design and capacity planning; process design; supply chain management; inventory management; resource planning; quality management. MBA 556 – STRATEGIC FINANCE ISSUES This subject aims to prepare students for effective and efficient planning and management of financial resources in Organizations. The subject introduces how a manager can utilize accounting and finance systems in decision making. Topics covered include: balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, financial statement analysis, basic cost management concepts, basics of budgeting, working capital and current assets management, managing inventories, time value of money and valuing bonds and shares, risk and return of financial assets, basic capital investment issues, capital structure and financing including the cost of capital. MBA 557 – STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT This subject is designed to provide an understanding of the formal relationship between the employer and the employee and of the techniques and methods aimed at making that relationship more effective so that Organizational goals and objectives are achieved. Topics covered include the definition of strategic HRM; the legal environment; workforce planning, recruitment, and selection; training and development; performance management; compensation. MBA 554 – RESEARCH METHODS This subject focuses on designing, conducting and reporting findings from a business research project. The objective of this subject is to undertake a project related to the chosen specialization. Students will identify an appropriate workplace-based research problem, conduct a small literature review, engage in data collection in the workplace setting, analyze the data and present findings in a formal business research report. MBA 558 – STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT The course examines the development and implementation of a marketing strategy by providing a framework from which to identify and evaluate strategic options and programs. This course requires that students have a strong foundation of marketing knowledge gained from Introduction to Marketing (in particular knowledge of market segmentation). MBA 559 – BUSINESS LAW & ETHICS This course introduces the student to the legal and ethical framework of business, as well as the laws and ethical standards that managers must abide by in the course of conducting business. The course examines the formulation, interpretation, and application of law to business. It incorporates the study of ethical issues that arise in contemporary business settings, including professional conduct and corporate social responsibility. Emphasis is placed on the active, experiential application of legal reasoning and analysis and on the global and comparative dimensions of legal and ethical issues. Application of legal principles and ethical decision-making techniques are presented through problem-solving methods and situation analyses. MBA 565 – MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS The course aims to provide students with an understanding of the communication aspects of marketing. The major focus of this course is for students to understand how diverse Organizations can communicate with internal and external customers and; how communication strategy can assist in the facilitation of exchange. This course will develop students’ strategic decision-making skills, as well as the practical skills necessary to develop an effective communication plan. The central question to be addressed is: ’How can the analysis and understanding of the theories of mass and dyadic forms of communication assist Organizations to more effectively communicate with both internal and external customers? MBA 566 – ENTREPRENEURSHIP This course provides an advanced understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurs are pioneers, innovators, leaders, and inventors. They are catalysts for change who shape the competitive global marketplace and have a significant impact on our global economy. Topics covered include the practice of entrepreneurship, how to foster an innovative work environment in addition to being able to formulate, develop, grow, manage and commercialize ideas through business creation. MBA 560 – PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT This subject addresses the role played by performance, compensation, and rewards management systems in shaping behavior and performance in the workplace. What managers pay attention to, measure and reward are powerful ingredients for influencing the individual, team and Organizational performance. Topics include the nature of performance, processes for measuring and managing performance, principles underpinning the design and implementation of remuneration and reward systems; performance and compensation systems as part of a coherent HRM strategy. . MBA 561 – INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS This subject explores how and why countries trade with and invest in each other, and the global monetary system. It examines the strategies and structures of international businesses and assesses the special roles of an international business’s various functions. It also provides a critical approach that presents the arguments for and against economic theories, government policies, business strategies, Organizational structures, and their managerial implications.


The Bachelor of Science in Marketing program offers a comprehensive education that prepares students for success in the dynamic and competitive field of marketing. By providing a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and experiential learning opportunities, this program equips graduates with the tools they need to thrive in a variety of marketing roles and make meaningful contributions to the organizations they serve.


The Higher National Diploma (HND) in Marketing program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of marketing principles, strategies, and practices, preparing them for entry-level positions in the field of marketing or for further academic pursuits. This program offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, equipping students with the tools they need to succeed in a dynamic and competitive business environment

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