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Our quick-evolving and agile market constantly demands employing more experts to deliver optimal results.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing- MEP Labour Supply with Labor Power

Labor Power has a quality Manufacturing Manpower that integrates professionalism and high working standards. From being one of the best manpower supply companies to holding a vast workforce, we have built a network of trust among our customers. Our quality manpower services include various job profiles like operator, engineer, manager, etc. We understand how tough it is to find the right workforce in these times. Finding a skilled and talented manpower supply that understands industry standards is not easy. Besides, a labour supply based on professionalism and expertise is also a significant issue. comes to solve all these issues. You can leave all your worries about finding a suitable manpower supply when you associate with us.

We screen through a large pool of talent to find suitable candidates in the manufacturing industry. The next step is to hire and train them. We train our manufacturing manpower to understand top industry requirements. We train them in our in-house skill development centre in their soft & hard skills to get the best output. They are skilled in the latest technology applications and execute their tasks with micro-detailing.

The manufacturing domain requires responsible candidates to get the best outcome from the process. Understanding these requirements, we provide a highly professional manpower supply for your manufacturing business. So, if you are in search of suitable manpower to execute your tasks with utmost precision and professionalism, you have come to the right place.

The Ultimate Solution to Your MEP Designs in Ghana

We believe that MEP design is significant to ensure suitable documentation and perform ideal decision-making. Other than this, our MEP Manpower supply is equipped with cost-estimating, performance analysis, construction planning, facility operations, and many other works. As a reputed manpower supply company, we offer one-stop solutions for comprehensive manpower services.

For our Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services, here are the services we deliver.

  • Installing electrical systems on your premises, be it industrial or residential.
  • Working with L.V. switchgear, and other mechanical devices including motor control centre specialized panels along with the installation of street lighting.
  • Our workers are also specialised to take care of LV and HV cabling.
  • Commissioning and erection of electrical substations and performing other tasks.
  • Plumbing services including pipe-fittings and many more.
    Taking care of the lighting controls.

Our research team has found out that MEP is becoming extremely significant following its inclusion in a wide range of industries and fields. Especially in the Oil and Gas industry and the construction sector, demand for MEP workers has gained exclusive momentum. In the process of decision making for design, MEP is found to have a critical role. It helps in operating and managing the facility with optimized results. Our team uses specially- designed software to complete the recruitment process of MEP workers. Being technically advanced, our labour supply services in Dubai are ideally merged to facilitate ease to your business.

The Best Labour Supplier for MEP

Labor Power offers an exclusive set of skilled labour supply services in MEP Works. For our MEP division, we take a comprehensive yet divergent approach.

Our Mechanical Division

Our years of experience in manpower supply services tell us that mechanical is one of the most critical divisions. It usually aligns with the maintenance of heating ventilation systems and air conditioning setups. Further, mechanical work is also linked to transport systems including lifts or elevators that make a crucial element of industrial machinery and plants. At, we facilitate manpower for:

  • Steel Fabrication
  • ARC Welding,
  • Aluminium Fitting
  • 4G and 6G Welding
  • MIG & TIG Welding
  • Insulation
  • Fabrication

Our Electrical Division

These days Ghana is inclined towards enhancement of lighting works to ensure the view becomes more stunning and the electrical aspect of the work remains superior. Our manpower supply of electricians in Dubai is intended to facilitate smooth functioning in construction and other industry domains. Our workers divide the electrical system into various categories that pass through power distribution and its supply along with control systems and other Information and Technology infrastructure. We have a qualified base of electrical labour supply that can work on security access devices, alarm, and detection systems, apart from exterior and interior lighting. Our MEP workforce is further trained to amalgamate the aspects of elements of mechanical and electrical works in the organization. Being the best manpower suppliers, we cater to the finest manpower business needs of our clients.

Our Plumbing Division

No matter what plumbing device it is, our plumbing labour supply can work with all the fluid devices. They involve several forms of valves, pipes, plumbing fixtures and tanks to make the overall plumbing system seamlessly operational. We are aware that plumbing systems have grown to be an integral component in various industries and domains. As a renowned Dubai Manpower supply company, we cater our plumbing workforce for tasks including heating and cooling, water recovery and treatment system, waste removal, rainwater recovery and its treatment among many other services. Our industrial plumbing labour supply matches all the specific requirements for your business and plant needs.

Labor Power at Your Service!!!

Our position as a premium manpower supply tells us that economic conditions are taking a challenging turn. The country is facing a critical challenge in the form of labour supply, however, it’s also true that our construction industry has great potential. So, to remove the gap between harnessing Ghana’s construction industry’s maximum potential and ensuring an adequate supply of labour force, comes forward. Our MEP labour supply network extends to several construction businesses and projects.

Besides, our recruitment process is planned to suffice the current and future manpower supply needs of our clients. We train, brief and deliver the best MEP workers for your business while ensuring absolute qualifications and experience criteria. At Labor Power, we intend to cater the best solutions for your mechanical, electrical and plumbing labour supply needs.

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