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We are proud to have managed the biggest engineering project in Ghana so far. We recruited and managed over 1200 workers covering several engineering, Marine, and administrative departments to the completion of the project ending July 2022. Labor Power and Consultancy Limited was appointed in June 2018 as the official HR partner. The project was delivered in three stages with Labor Power appointment being extended several times.
The project ended in August 2021 after the completion of the infrastructure works for berth 4. The port can now accommodate vessels with a capacity of 22,000 TEUs, increasing from 5,000 TEUs of the original port.

Over 4,000 staff worked on this project, of which over 90 percent were Ghanaians. Having been exposed to international construction standards and HSE systems, this project will leave a legacy. The team returning to the Ghanaian labour market has gained skills that allow them to contribute to the long-term growth of the economy.

LNG import terminal project

Ghana’s first LNG import terminal project—the Tema Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Import Terminal Project is under construction by subsidiaries of China Harbour Engineering Company Ghana Limited. The project is equipped with an annual capacity of about two million tons of natural gas.

It will meet 30 percent of the country’s demand for power generation and is believed to play a vital role in booming the country’s economic development and improvement of people’s lives.

We are proud to be part of this iconic project, contributing to the development of the country, impacting the jobs market, and developing skills nationwide.


Another state-of-the-art water project executed as a main HR partner, constructed by ASPAC international in Wenchi the western Region of Ghana. The project is carried out by ASPAC International and will comprise:

• Construction of a concrete weir on the Tain River,
• Construction of a raw water catchment including pumping of the raw water,
• Construction of a new treatment plant,
• Pumping and treated water main on 13 km to Wenchi,
• Supply and installation of a new metallic elevated storage tank, and
• A 50 km distribution network.

The Wenchi Water Supply project would serve as the second Ghanaian project in ASPAC International’s extensive portfolio and seeks to supply the full drinking water demand by building a new drinking water system.

Blue Ocean Investment tank farms

The Blue Ocean Investment tank farms were constructed by the China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, a subsidiary of the CCC group of China. Started in 2016 and was completed in 2017.

The project comprised six tanks of thirty-thousand-meter cubes with associated piping works and foundations. The cost of the project was USD 3.4m. This project employed highly skilled artisans and modern welding artistry which remains remarkable in today’s skilled labor market.

The use of human Capital for this project was strategically executed due to the timelines involved with
42% WELDERS,5% SAND BLASTERS,5% MACHINE SPRAYER, 5% PAINTERS,15.8% LABOURERS,9.6% Administrative staff,10.8% Equipment and vehicle operators, 5% Supervisors and Engineers

Partnership with the China-aided project includes the construction of hydraulic structures

Our partnership with the China-aided project includes the construction of hydraulic structures of about 1,200 meters, as well as office buildings, trading markets, cold storage, processing areas, commercial areas, and other production and supporting facilities.

When completed, the vessels will bring almost 400,000 tonnes of goods every year into the country.


Engineering comes first in our portfolio. In 2016, we partnered with the Meteorological China Cooperation to lay the engineering foundation of this project, earmarking the footprints for the construction of its civil structures for its completion.

The newly built facility, which is known as Matrix Terminals, comprises two gas tanks with a total storage capacity of 6,000 metric tonnes.

Collaboration between CNQC and Labor Power and Consultancy Ltd

The Ministry of Defence of Ghana is made up of the (Management and Administration) departments, the General Headquarters (GHQ), and its various Agencies.

This magnificent building was built by CNQC in collaboration with Labor Power and Consultancy as the main Human Resource and Manpower Management Partner.

Outsourced Labor Partner of the local employees including highly skilled engineers. the execution of the project