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Our quick-evolving and agile market constantly demands employing more experts to deliver optimal results.


The logistics industry has been growing at a rapid pace in the last couple of years. This expedited growth has opened new opportunities for manpower supply in various industries. This logistic industry mostly demands talented professionals to handle different positions in the company. Although finding the right manpower for a logistics business, that is equally trained and skilled, is difficult and time-consuming. This issue is being solved by Manpower.ae as they are the leading manpower supply company in UAE. We recruit professional and experienced manpower and give special training in the logistic industry before supplying them to our valued clients.

Our company provides manpower to different logistic companies with exceptional skills, qualifications, and experience. They have broad exposure across a variety of industrial sectors. We mainly focus on improving the service by spotting the strengths, weaknesses of our employees and improving them with a great degree of professionalism, integrity, sincerity, and accuracy. As we have an inhouse skill development centre, we train the manpower so that they meet all the challenges at our clients workplace.

Manpower.ae is the top logistics manpower services company, that is customer focused. As clients prefer their products to be delivered on time and in an efficient way, thereby improving our services from time to time, we intend to deliver customer satisfaction. Our company works by keeping the needs of the client in view to provide them with standard quality performance. Our company understands the industry well and are an expert in delivering high caliber candidates for the logistic industry.

Labor Power Caters to Inclusive Client Requirements

We are the leading manpower supply company as we always work professionally and recruit workers on both contract basis and permanent placements in the industry. Manpower.ae hires employees from lower to mid-level positions that include drivers, logistics managers, storekeepers, packers, four clip operator’s, floor supervisors among others.

Our workers are trained to plan, schedule, deliver products on time and minimize the problems before they occur and know how to resolve them if it happens. Workers in our company are friendly and easily bond with their peers without creating any conflicts, thereby working as a team providing a friendly and safe environment to other workers. The manpower of our company persists good communication skills. They use new techniques and technology to provide satisfactory service to the clients with changing dynamics of the industry.

Logistics Coordinator

which mainly works on creating, analyzing and managing the logistics plan and also arranging efficient transport. They also bear the responsibility of organizing storage and other shipment solutions. Our logistics coordinator works on providing maximum satisfaction to the customer with minimum cost and pursues professionalism by maintaining a good relationship with vendors, retailers among others. Our company supplies these coordinators based on their communication skills, time management and customer service.

Logistics Manager

Our manpower supply services will help you to find logistics manager, who handles the complete supply chain and logistics operation. They mainly work on managing, organizing, and monitoring the distribution and storage of goods. Our logistics managers are highly competent and reliable to work on ensuring customer satisfaction.

Warehouse Manager

Our Warehouse Manager mainly performs warehousing and distribution functions, thereby providing maximum productivity. Our workers are highly trained to perform various warehouse functions such as dispatching products, managing receipts and their storage.

Shipping Manager

Our labour supply services of Shipping Manger mainly focus on managing routine shipping and distribution operations. They are trained and skilled in our company to complete the orders in time and ensure their shipment done properly and to solve any issue related to shipping. They are further educated to be able to understand information systems, documentation, and procedures of receiving and shipping assignments.

Supply Chain Analyst

Our company workers are trained to analyze the product development cycle, which includes identifying errors and recommending improvements related to the supply chain process. They are further trained to develop analytical and problem-solving skills to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the shipping process.

logistics workers

Workers in our company are divided into these five categories based on their experience and skills. They are further trained to pay attention to minute details, communication skills, ability to work with others, working well before the deadline, understanding of transport limitations and regulations, knowledge of logistic skills and ability to contribute individually to achieve the desired goal. They are only then supplied for various projects of the logistic industry.

Hire from the Best Manpower Supply Company in Ghana

Labor Power, being the leading manpower supply company in UAE supply people based on their skills, knowledge, and experience of different sectors of the logistic industry. We hire workers who are experienced in managing work and further polish them about managing overall storage and distribution of goods. We are highly dedicated to supplying the manpower that can turn out to be an asset to the logistic industry and provide customer satisfaction at affordable rates and carry out on-time delivery of goods.

Our workers for the logistics industry are trained to keep a good track of quality, quantity, stock levels, delivery time and transport cost and efficiency. They are further equipped with skills to be able to negotiate with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers and are educated to resolve an issue being raised during the shipping of goods.

We are the leading labour supply company in Dubai and our workers are known for their productivity and accuracy in delivering their work at low price by following proper law, regulations and ISO requirements. Workers are trained to be able to work independently and in teams for multiple projects and have the ability to manage and lead a team when needed.

Manpower.ae takes pride in being the best manpower company as we are known for providing reliable and hardworking workers who will provide services of international standards. We further extend our manpower supply services to different areas including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Alain among others. Our company makes sure that the workers are fully dedicated and provide the best services possible. They aim that their efforts should turn out to be favorable for the company in expanding their business and providing customer retention. Hence, if you are looking for reliable, skilled and knowledgeable labour supply services for your logistic business, Manpower.ae is the place to contact right now!

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