Labour / Industrial Relation Consultancy.

Our quick-evolving and agile market constantly demands employing more experts to deliver optimal results.

Industrial relations are concerned with the system, rules, and procedures used by unions and employees to determine the reward for effort and other conditions of employment, safeguard the interests of the employees and their employer and regulate how employers treat their employees.


Management of the workforce requires a strict application of legal and strategic employment standards, helping your organisations to avoid legal consequences and saving costs by implementing what the law requires and how best to execute the same by the labour law. We provide extensive service in industrial relations services by representing employers in negotiations and offering strategic advice to help you save costs and legal consequences.


Industrial Relation goes beyond workplace management where we come into play. We help your organization in preparing standardised employment contracts that suit your business needs. Engaging the workforce or unions on behalf of management by negotiating better employment standards will save your organisation tons of budgets. We have succeeded in providing this service to both employers and employees who require our assistance in justifying their rights using the Labour Law from all standards.


Industrial peace is key for the sustained achievement of an organization’s objectives. To achieve this, an organization must develop the appropriate industrial relations strategies, plans, programs, policies, systems, and procedures. Managers and staff who are involved in industrial relations must also possess the required competencies.

The Industrial Relations services we provide may include all or part of the following services:

  • Formulating IR strategy, plans, and programs
  • Developing employee feedback & grievance system
  • Assistance in handling strikes and lock-outs
  • Assistance in handling employee terminations
  • Assistance in improving employee relations
  • Assistance in improving relations with labor unions.
  • Assistance in improving community relations.
  • Conflict resolution facilitation
  • Preparing HR policies and procedures manual
  • Preparing employee handbook

Industrial Relations and related training

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