April 5, 2024
6000 - 7000 / month
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

An experienced and qualified surveyor is needed for immediate employment. Interested candidates should apply now.

• Take measurements of distances and angles on a property or section of land to establish legal boundaries.
• Employ specialized equipment, including distance measuring wheels, GPS, and geographic information system (GIS) devices to measure boundaries and contours.
• Perform mathematical calculations to determine and confirm surveying measurements.
• Mark and delineate boundaries and reference points on a property or section of land.
• Research and consult historical maps, surveys, and legal documents relating to the project or section of land being measured.
• Analyze data using plans, maps, charts, and software such as AutoCAD and GIS programs.
• Collaborate and work with project managers, construction crews, and government agencies, when necessary.

• Technical knowledge of how to use tools such as a global positioning system (GPS) or geographic information system (GIS)
• Technical knowledge of how to develop survey plans, methods, and procedures for conducting a survey.
• Knowledge of how to record all measurements done during the survey.
• Advanced communication skills, with the ability to explain the legal land survey process.
• Understanding of how to supervise other surveyors or survey technologists.
• A degree in Engineering or related field
• Proven 5 years or more work experience
• Candidates should be willing to move to Wenchi.