Application ends: July 31, 2024
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A reputable Mining company is looking for skilled professional Lead Miner who will be responsible for extracting lead ore from mining operations. They perform labor-intensive tasks such as drilling, blasting, scaling, and tunneling to obtain lead minerals. Safety protocols, equipment operation, and maintaining the well-being of the mining crew are key aspects of their role. All candidates should be able to read, speak and write English and also must be Ghanaian with a valid passport. Interested candidates should kindly send their CVs via WhatsApp on 0244496445, email us on jobs@laborpowerltd.com or apply here on the web site for immediate employment.

– Lead and supervise a team of miners to ensure efficient and safe mining operations
– Develop and implement mining plans and strategies to optimize production and minimize costs
– Maintain and repair mining equipment and machinery to ensure optimal performance
– Monitor and analyze production data to identify areas for improvement and implement corrective actions
– Ensure compliance with safety regulations and procedures to minimize accidents and injuries
– Collaborate with geologists, engineers, and other mining professionals to develop mining plans and implement new technologies
– Train and mentor new and existing miners to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their tasks effectively

– At least 5 years of experience in mining and mineral extraction.
– Strong knowledge of mining equipment and techniques.
– Excellent leadership skills to manage a team of miners.
– Ability to identify and assess potential mining sites.
– Proficient in safety regulations and procedures related to mining.
– Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills.
– Experience in project management and budgeting.
– Ability to work in remote locations and adverse weather conditions.