I happened to search for a mail to an old friend during the Christmas holidays.  As I clicked open my sent mailbox, I screamed! My friend didn’t get invited me. I realized that in just over close to 3 months after my national service, I had sent over 345 job applications, which shockingly, I never got invited for even more than 2 Job interviews.

Yes, I am not the only stranger in Jerusalem. I bet you are in the same shoes.  This made me think about why I never got invited for at least 3 interviews

It dawned on me to find out why  I never got invited for interviews.

The following are result oriented I strongly recommend it.

  1. Timely sending CVs once a job is posted online as such subscribing to Job Alerts is a plus.
  2. Visit Trusted Real Job Portals as lots of portals only post fake jobs or outdated jobs to gain traffic to their site.
  3. Do a Follow-Up Call after at most 3days you sent a Cv and got no acknowledgment reply.

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