There are a wide range of channels available when it comes to honing in on who you think would be the best fit for a specific job opening, or if you are an ideal candidate with basic qualifications and are looking for a position to fill. This includes print, social media, native advertising, and search ads. You should take advantage of all of them if possible, but that being said, don’t feel like you have to be an expert on every channel.

This is the Internet era. But there is a catch.

There are scams that prey on job seekers everywhere.

There are fake job ads that make you think somebody has a job for you, and end up being ads for background checks or certification programs you don’t need. There are companies that run job ads continuously just to be able to interview candidates and get free advice (and sometimes even free work) out of them. There is a story of a young man who fell prey to these scammers. This young man, saw a job advertisement online and sent his CV and other details as was required. He was also asked to buy forms costing GHC200 to fill and attach to his documents.

The scammers contacted him via email, letter and a phone offering a job that required very little effort for high returns, a guaranteed way to make money quickly. He was scheduled to attend an interview and that was the last he heard of these scammers.

These scammers do not usually have a street address, only a post office box or an email address.

Having an employment discussion fit, however, only begins if and when two parties intersect. That is the employer and the employee. Looking for genuine quality and ideal hire? Or an opportunity to showcase your value in prime time? Labor Power Limited presents to you the latest jobs available in Ghana as well as clear, concise and relevant career advice by connecting you to a giant pool of employers. This is a website of focused subscribers which receives up to 13x more clicks than most job recruitment sites and are integral to revving up your job visibility engine versus getting mired in a sea of anonymity. We offer job advertising solutions to meet your budget and hiring needs. Candidates and prospective employers get to choose from our job postings and our popular value packs.

Labor Power offers a very effective recruitment strategy after gaining a thorough profile of the ideal candidate and linking them with current jobs offers available in Ghana for the various types of school graduates. No matter the qualifications or ideal specifics of a candidate’s profile, from physician assistants to construction jobs in Ghana and other specialties, we ensure to find the right person for any recruitment agency or team in Ghana to work with in a timely manner.

Attracting future employers begins with a robust online presence and relies on a personal human touch near the very bottom. That’s not to say recruiting can’t be personal—Labor Power Limited has developed innovative ways to use technology to add a personal touch on recruiting efforts. This helps prospective candidates to explore thousands of jobs in Ghana today with a simple search. Candidates can search through the jobs with reference to

  • The date the jobs were posted
  • Vacancy types
  • Specializations
  • Offered salaries
  • Experience
  • The types of industry
  • And candidate’s qualifications.

Also, if you are looking to fill a position, especially if you are going to outsource part of your recruitment process to an agency or firm, it’s essential that you understand what your ideal candidate looks like.

Labor Power helps provide you with candidates with basic qualifications and specifics that are hard to quantify as we screen top of funnel candidates for the position you are hiring for, in brief, we lift your brand with the qualified candidates we provide.

We are a Top Recruitment Agency in Ghana having a Job portal committed to sourcing the right candidates for that perfect job. We also offer a range of HR services and outsourcing portfolios including

  • Job placements
  • Payroll management outsourcing
  • Staff outsourcing
  • And internship candidates.

Instead of doing it all yourself, reach out to us as we aid in the implementation of your advertising campaigns if you are feeling overwhelmed.

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