Frequently not getting the job after an interview can be very depressing, especially to qualified candidates. Often more than not, these qualified applicants do not know How Candidates Should Talk. This is one of the major mistakes to avoid during an interview.

Candidates are advised that they have to exhibit the right attitude. Speech Patterns matters a lot than how good your Cv looks.


Tenses to use during a job interview should be more of past tenses. This is because it informs the interviewer that you are a high performing candidate. This indicates that you will be talking more about your success in your previous jobs. Example “During my work in the bank, customers always asked for dates, and where to find deposits slips, etc. Hence, I proposed to management about getting a slip stand with bold inscriptions and a clock which shows the date”

As little this might sound, this communicates to the interviewer that you are very proactive and you are a performing candidate. Rather saying I can do this when given the opportunity tell them about your past experience.

How Candidates Should Talk During Job Interview

USE MORE OF I & WE PRONOUNS – How Candidates Should Talk

During an interview, candidates should focus on using I rather than the title of their job. For example, When asked to talk about your recent job position. “As a Client  Service, I was in charge of processing checkbooks and atm cards requests. ” This is a better way to say it. But not ” A Client service was in charge of processing checkbooks and atm cards requests”. 

NB: Make sure that you do not have so many First Pronoun I in all your statement. Also equally use We this makes the interviewer know you are a team player.

These two hints should help you excel in your next interview.

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