First, never be a too anxious and an uncontrollable smile when this question is asked. Often candidates have the assumption that when this question is asked it means that they are a better candidate for the job.  This is one of the tricky interview questions every candidate should prepare for.

Naturally is it hard for many people to talk about salary negotiations especially fresh graduates looking for jobs, but you must know that the answer you give to this question at the negotiation table matters.

Whenever the Salary Question comes up, be prepared to answer it very well and with utmost confidence.

Below are tips which will help you in answering this

  1. Don’t rush to answer the question, push it to the end of the interview if this question came up early in the interviewing process. This shows your professionalism level value to the interviewer.
  2. When the Question pops up, ask the interviewer of the range of salary attached to this job. If the Interview insists you state your offer first.
  3. Your response can be I will like a salary that is of the same level as current employees.
  4. Then add why you deserve that same level of salary as those playing the role and ask the Interviewer, that you will like to hear his/her offer too.

NB: You should always do some research before the interview to find out the common salary range for your position and level of your experience. This will help you to give an expected range of salary to the Interview when you asked to state a figure. You can connect with someone working in the same role on LinkedIn. That will help you to ask informal questions about the role and also help you to know more about what the Interviewer expects from you.

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