Every time you meet job seekers and interact with them, you hear stories of how they don’t understand why they were not chosen for that job even though a Perfect Fit Candidate.

Although they had the right qualifications for the job, they were still couldn’t get the job. Usually, candidates blame employers for not giving them the job due to nepotism or favoritism on their part.

However, this is certainly not the case in many job interviews. A lot of Right Candidates often perform badly at Job Interviews. This is sometimes due to Over Confidence, wrong statements, and bad manners.

During an interview, the employer wants to find out more about one’s personality but not necessarily the qualifications written down on paper.

This is because these qualifications are often not unique. Remeber that everyone coming to that interview has those qualifications.

Hence in other to come out of the interview and be selected for the job, avoid the following mistakes.

Perfect Fit Candidate job Interview

EXAMPLE on How a Perfect fit Candidate ruined her job Interview.

  1. Give professional answers. : In an interview we recently organized on behalf of recruiters, we asked a lady who was a perfect fit for the job, why she wants to stop her job for this one. The answer she gave was truthful but not wise. She said ” As a front desk person in a hospital, I dislike it when I have to be touching patient that walk up to me. They don’t keep themselves neat” etc.

Candidates often think the job interview went well. But they just blew up their dream job.

This was the “kill-joy” of the whole interview that went on. Unknowingly a lot of candidates have ruined their job interviews due to such answers that immediately get them rejected.

Before you go for an interview, practice all your answers with the normal interview questions on line.

Sometimes, no matter how much effort you put into preparing for an interview, something goes wrong. However, limit these and you will get your job.

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