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Find Below Answers to some of the most recent questions received from Labor Power’s Job Portal. You can also call us or use the contact us form Below to send questions directly and we will be in touch..


What Happens If By Package Duration Expired?
Normally, it is recommended for employers to purchase longer duration of job posting packages. However, apart from the Basic job package, the minimum duration of the other packages is 45 days, which is the Standard package. Considering the number of resumes and candidates awaiting to be engaged , we believe that the employer may have results.however,you can call for renewal of job post for just half the price of the same package. Whereas, you can also request from us for your required c.v’s from applicant who applied through our front office.
Can I Place My Advertisement On This Site?
Yes, Advertisers who have interest in placing their advertisement on this site are to contact the front desk of Labor Power. We would subsequently invite you to our main office of which the marketing team would now process you add to be placed on the site. Whereas, Terms and conditions may apply.
Will You Recruiting On My Behalf Not To Take Away My Right To Be Part Of The Staffing Experience?
Not at all. Labor Power does not in any way, impose candidates on employers. The role we play in the hiring process is to go through the trouble of shortlisting multiple prospective best-fits, from the large pool of qualified candidates. The choice of who eventually works with the employer solely lies in the hands of the employer. This is to allow the employer to be a part of the hiring process, from a position of maximum comfort. All you have to do as an employer is to give us specifics concerning the kind of talent you want, and we provide you with exactly that.
How Can I Be Assured Of Getting Shortlisted By An Employer On Time?
Applicants whose c.v’s are not properly prepared are likely not to be consider by an employer. In filling a personal details form from this page as a candidate, you are required to provide vivid information such as contact number, employment history, date of birth, Address, uploading a clear photo of yours etc.
What Happens If An Employer Contacts For a Job Interview A Long Distance Location?
Normally, it is better to accept a job offer that is closer to your region or locality. First of all, you may have to consider the availability of accommodation and its possibility first. You can also enquire from the employer is there is any benefit of an accommodation, if not, then it would be advisable to tell the employer your unavailability for the job.
Am I Supposed To Make payment To Anyone For A Job?
Absolutely no, applicants on this site do not pay any fee to anyone for an employment. If you encounter this, we would be sure to call it a scam. Upon no circumstance should you pay to be employed. Be wise.
Who And Who Can View My C.V When I Post?
Employers and Labor Power only
Do I Owe Any Commitment To Labor Power After Securing A Job For Me?
No, Labor Power do not charge any candidate for registering or being posted for a job under any circumstance.