Looking for a job is not as easy in a lot of developing countries. Resume Secret helps candidates get invited for an interview. Remember that recruiters received thousand of candidates due to job vacancies been advertised publicly. Yes, one position and a recruiter receive 1000+ CVs.  This statistics is not to discourage. This article will give tips on how to make your CV stand out and gain an interview at your dream company.

Invited For An Interview


CVs give first impressions to a recruiter. Did You Know that recruiters spend less than 10seconds in scanning your CV? So in less than 10 seconds, they decide whether to invite you for an interview or not? The reality is most resumes are never be read. As such, these resume secrets are highly recommended for candidates to help them secure a job.

Resume Secret Tips

  1. Send CVs Timely & Strategically. Whenever a job is being advertised do not procrastinate that you will send your Cv later in the day. If all CVs are being submitted electronically, probably, you can also drop yours at the company if it’s within your reach.
  2. Avoid Lengthy CVs. Focus on the notable parts and what you know they need to see. The Job description should help you to craft your CV to suit the company you are applying to.
  3. Highlight your skills and experiences with Good Job Titles. For example, if you a watchman write a security man but your duties should be intact.
  4. State your accomplishments and in addition, put figures next to it. For example, if you brought about a marketing campaign in your previous workplace, add the number of customers you were able to get through the campaign.
  5. Follow up with a call to the company HR or recruiting contact listed below to make sure they have received your CV.

In conclusion, highlight skills and experiences with catchy and professional titles of job positions handled in the past

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