First and foremost your CV/resume needs to clear and content must be neatly outlined and readable.  This will help all relevant information to be seen at a glance by the Employer. The goal of this article is to help you get your CV noticed and invited for a job offer.

3 Things Employers lookout for whenever your CV gets to their mail.

Job Experience

Your current or previous work history is one of the primary needed information by the Recruiter. As such, you have to make sure it is clearly stated and includes the duties you perform(ed).

Career History

Educational background is the second most important thing an Employer seeks on a CV. They want to know if you have the qualification needed for the said role you are applying for. Example the Degree you have acquired and the relevant qualification you have over the years.

Skills Set

The last but not the least is the skills one has acquired throughout their academic and job history. What are the skills set you have acquired over the years. Examples are Banking; Use of T24 software, Customer Service Skills, etc.

Remember that Your CV doesn’t necessarily have to be the perfect fit for an organization, but it needs to be relevant and most importantly accurate.